G.N.Q. is one of the finest law firms with not only having the experience in local shipping and marine laws but also has extensive knowledge and research in International laws and conventions including Hague Rules, Hague Visby Rules, Rotterdam Rules etc.

At our law firm, our foreign qualified team regularly advises clients on interpretation of provisions and disputes pertaining to Bill of Lading and Charter parties, Import and Export laws and procedure, Collision, Salvage, Marine Insurance, and conducts litigation for commercial disputes, arrest and release of ships and containers, cargo claims, damages, demurrages, etc.

Our law firm comprehensive services includes but not limited to:

  • Cargo claims by sea, rail, road and by air
  • Personal injury claims
  • Charter parties and bill of lading
  • Admiralty matters including maritime lien
  • Collision Claims
  • Marine Insurance
  • Marine Fraud and Piracy
  • Pollution
  • Law of Salvage
  • Law of Tug and Tow
  • Ship building and ship sale and purchase contracts
  • Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport contracts.
  • Corporate Shipping Transactions.
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